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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 14, 2016 3:04am-3:30am EST

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>> and ators who don't know how to resolve this problem. why nobody wants to hear that this is inside their like a whole colony in there. more than one. iful video caught from a themek in drks u urban, south after africa. this little shark. they believe she's in distress so that's why divers are in the water trying to help her.s turn badly for one of the divers in the water. >> oh, no.
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got to leave her alone.b her by the fin. let her do her thing. >> why do they think they need to assist because in the wildo it. >> this is where i need to warn people. this may make your stomach cky people were there immediately to bind this wound. >> oh, the razor sharp teeth and strength when they startund in the water that's horrific. >> the good news is the diver isll gets back in the tank with the shark. >> you can see this whole video on our website and click on tv show or check it o. road rage, put it your back pocket. you don't need it.
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this, watch this small volkswagen that comes into the ver behind doesn't agree. >> what's your problem. >> people can't let it go. >> no that driver does not let it go but karma gets him>> oh, you suck! >> that's what you get. >> yeah. never intimidate the driver in the other car. he immedia right over to the shoulder. it looks like maybe even crashing into that guard rail. >> i'm not sure if this is the appropriate response for t ha, ha, ha,ha. >> you can't feel bad because the out 6 of the way. fine dude. i'm out of your way. see you later. i'm out of wait. now looks like it's rain, rider is swerving through traffic trying to get going.
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but as he does that he comes up on a turn, takesnd ends up crashing into the vehicle right in the other lane. >> riding beyond his skill levelon wet road, come on brother. >> you fool. >> yeah there's certain rules on a motorcycle you can't cheat, can't get away with, and this was short one of them,ely the driver was wearing all the right gear and had a good sense of humor and decided to share this can learn from his mistake. they say birds of a feather flock together and these three are stuck in what we call a duck pile. thankfully near by
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>> are they really stuck? can't they fly. >> not out of something so narrow. so theyket down and they will maneuver the bucket all wait to the top. >> here's number two. >> seems as though it they were able to rescue all three of these and they are filling so no other birds get the same bright idea and get stuck. >> you got it. need a bigger situation for this red shouldered hawk in florida. parentally it got caught in a cage in an empty poo life service came running. this is tom, he has his net, he's about to make his way too the pool. >> oh, gosh, it's an old pool that they just covered upicken wire because they don't want things falling in but didn't work, this hawk found its
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>> i'm glad they fe about to rescue it. >> there you go. nice. >> that was smooth. >> it was nice, swift, and once they got him out they were able to show us what this hawk looked like. >> oh, that's sooo pretty.. if you've never been snowmobiling before, the feeling you get from being in deep powder is similar riding a jet ski. these guys in britishda had been out playing for several hours. it's around 3:00 right now, at this point they're heading back to their cabin. e riding w climbing up the hill was just so much fun. >> or you can call it an avalanche.
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>> that snow comes crashing down the mountain,d mobile snow mobile down as well. at this point said he knew he would get clobbered.f his buddies did see what was going on. that guy immediately noticed, spins and heads back the otherre the snow is even finished cascading down the mountain. >> lucky for him. >> this is what ite guy caught in the avalanche. sadly the sd card in his camera filled up right before they see them uncover him. here'srom the incident. he was under the snow for three minutes. took him about 30 minutes to regain his breath and come around.
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picture. >> he's got an avalanche airbag. >> he does but it failed to deploy properly, which he go upside down. update, thankfully no injuries, he is considering legal action against the company that made this airbag. snow mobiling is more fun with company. >> skemt oth end in a jam. >> when brom anceous turn. >> and. why does furniture make noises at night. >> the shake you up. now you can create your own tour of italy at olive garden, starting at $12.99. choose 3 of 10 favorites to enjoy on one plate. salad and breadsticks. the best tour of italy is the one you create.
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it appears. is that a dark spot? new gold bond closed captioning provided by -- targeted treatment:
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gold bond. why does weird noises at night? >> because the temperature changes. >> no, no, ghosts. >> oh, ghosts. >> why does furniture make it's even on yahoo answers.
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chair? >> ah.h! >> it's my phone, relax. >> oh. ah!n. a way to blow nothing out of proportion. >> yeah. ha, ha. here's something wrong with this chair. it's making noises. >> this is a funny fake traileroisy furniture. and it goes down the whole spooky horror movie, the tension builds. >> toy story is real. >> two is better than one.
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jam. go snow mobiling with the pros here. for a little while it's going pretty tracks for his friend. man how did you not see that. >> dude. >> i was thinking okay the guy fell off, figured he was maybe going too fast to even recognize it. of course we can see it because we're watching the video but in y happened so fast bro didn't know what it do. >> oh, sorry brother. >> that's kind of how it went. >> sorry about that. >> no problem. >> not all good for this dude. again he has his partner with him, though. . >> oh! >> good grief. not wearing any protective gear.
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>> the first guy has on all his protective gear. he that tree trunk. came around that corner ks , the corner didn't agree and he hit. crash. when you see this video you will be astonished that know how to resolve this problem for a 12-year-old girl in medical camera going into the ear of a 12-year-old girl e than one? >> yes unfortunately there's about ten of them that will crawl out. they have regularly taken her to thear pulled out more than 1,000 of these things alive. >> gentleman why? >> they don't know why.
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>> is she functional and able to go about her day, to hear? >> yes she goes to school, she's actually very, very bright. her dad is kids are starting to make fun of her. said something needs to be done before it effects her she doesn't experience any pain until they bite her. >> there's got to be a solution. can't just keep pulling bugs eah you were born with bugs in your head, sorry. >> exyou if you want to see this video go to our website or check itour mobile app. >> if you dare. a kite boarder gets a case of the up in the water. why the next part of this ride is a real drag, too. plus a guy follows his lead toward the water but it's not
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one, absolutely free. pget any large pizza up to 5-toppingsonline only. at new customers can save an average of $500 promotional considerations provided by -- ringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. at scratch relief. winter relief. that's gold bond medicated lotion relief. five moisturizerstra strength itch fighter. gold bond . relief starts now. snowboarding, it's a great sport, when it goes good it goes very, very good. when it goes bad it gets painful. thisve of that. he's having a great time. 2013 just uploaded.
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surfing got his coat up there. the wind is blowing. ends up in the water. wait a minute that's not the crash that washe got so close to the land. but then an up draft. uh-oh, uh-oh. >> geez. >> how do you stop that? >> it's the worst. big ruts and then the bushes, only thing he doesn't end up hitting is like a cactus or something. >> maybe that is why itlike ten years to post it because he's finally healed. this is like skinned knee timesould he have just let go. >> no, really was nothing he could do.
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you know what, ow. >> best part is he's wearing a helmet. mother nature can be fierce. in all of her glory sometimes funny shouldn't. >> oh, wow it's pretty rocky here. >> this couple in sydney is heading down to the i just slid down, slow down. >> he's telling her to slow down. >> those rocks can be rough and really hurt your feet. >> and she's skippingke nothing. >> and watch the weather, it's also very slippery. >> she carries on. go. >> not what i was expecting. >> mother nature's like clam. yeah. >> camera gets a littled when it comes to, you see,
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>> oh, my god, babe, that was the -- it just missed you. pull the bloody,y god god the lightning bolt nearly hit ya. >> what is that man even speaking. >>he heck out. >> i distinctly joseph. few things didn't want you to say. >> right he threw it all i he was able to together. >> mother nature's got him speaking in tongues. >> is there any chance this could be thing just feels a little odd to me about it. >> there are skemt ptics on line like yourself, i think her was real. >> oh, my god babe are you all
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a man on a mission whoget spotted. see the top secret job he's got
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>> no i've eaten with you, no. here comes the snow shark. assion is real, the compulsion, unbearable, 280 miles through the california
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military operation, there's the base, there's security near by, ducks down, keeps his cover, must not get spotted. more cover over there. ducks into this building. oh. there go the sirens. it's now or never. the mission must be pulled off moment otherwise it's a force and go home a failure. here he goes. this old helicopter from 1967. oh!ha, ha. >> this is, wow, boy, i tell you. >> how do you make that happen? >> crazy because i would like >> he did tell us he had a new mission coming soon. >> funny part is in the description if he gets to 10,000s well over 7,000 at


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